Stop Paying Top Dollar, Save Cash On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding should be extra special, but at just what cost? With weddings and receptions getting so expensive, it's hard for the common couple to pay for everything they would like to have. But, if you're smart with the budget,, you could save extra cash to shell out on certain items you'd like at your wedding day. In this article, we'll go over some of the best ways to spend less when you're coordinating your wedding day.

Don't Get Married On A Saturday

As much as you might like to have your wedding on a Saturday, it truly really isn't worth the extra expense. It is actually normal for people to save a lot of money by moving your big day. It really is worth considering changing your big day.

Off Season Weddings

Off season ceremonies are a great way for saving some cash. Even though it's normal to have your wedding in the on peak season, doesn't mean you have to be normal. Don't be the same as the rest! Contemplate scheduling your wedding ceremony during the off-peak calendar months and you'll save a bunch of cash in doing this.

Cut Your List Of Guests

Can you do with out a few individuals on your guests list? Just stop thinking about everybody elses feelings. News flash soon to be's, it's your event. If starts to be an excessive amount of money, you should get started on erasing those who may not be important from the guest list. It's your day, make decisions that make it special.

Schedule Your Ceremony and Wedding Reception At The Same Location

I would bet you wouldn't of thought about that! Look at how much extra money you could save in the event you didn't have to supply transport for all of your guests, or even just the wedding party. Certainly, there are venues which have both of them at the same place. You should definitely look into the idea.


Everyone knows just how costly flower arrangements could get. A good way to save yourself a lot of cash on fresh flowers is to only purchase a flower arrangement that happen to be in season, so they don't need to be shipped from across the country. It's also wise to try using a lot more greens so you don't need to purchase as many fresh flowers.

Bigger Dining Tables

Don't bother renting Fifty tables that can hold 8 individuals, why not get twenty dining tables that will seat 20 individuals? You could also save so much cash on cloths, decorations and table linens just by you making a very simple change such as this. 

Your Wedding Reception Cake

Wedding cakes could cost an arm and a leg. More and more brides are purchasing artificial wedding reception cakes, and a few sheet cakes which they conceal behind the curtain. Why would you spend money on a wedding cake that you're just going to consume? Purchase a number of sheet cakes and then have the waiters bring the pieces to the guests when gets to be time for wedding cake.

Live Entertainment

It's tough finding a DJ to employ especially if you don't know the best place to search. Instead of questioning close friends of yours for a Disc jockey that they employed and paying a premium price, why don't you search on a site like Book The Beat which provides hundreds and probably even 1000s of unique Disc jockeys you could choose. Several Disc jockeys will be competing with each other on this website for everyone's business, which means that you will surely be able to get a competitive price tag when booking one.

Professional Photographer

Skilled wedding photographers are incredibly pricey and aren't always needed for your special day. If you come across a photographer that you really like, but you just can't manage to pay for them, you should see if they have an associate shooter that might shoot your wedding for less. Associate shooters typically work with the professional photographer on all of their weddings, as a result their photographs will probably be very similar, and maybe even identical to the professional. 

Invitations and Seating Cards

Stationary is not cheap and it's not actually worth spending a ton of cash on. I mean honestly, it is probably just gonna end up in the garbage anyhow. A handful of ways you can save cash on stationary are:

Single Sided Invites - As opposed to printing on both sides of your wedding invitations, you can get them printed out just on the front side and you can probably invest about half as much money as you would of for both sides.

Save The Dates - Is it really essential to have save the dates and wedding invitations printed? In the end, they are going to get an item in the mailbox no matter how many you send. You can even e mail your save the dates and then it will not cost a dime.

Menu Cards & Seat Cards - Have you considered creating your own menus and seat cards? There is not much to either of them. You could use a program to type them up and then just buy some thick paper from the store to print them on.

There are more methods to save money, but these are definitely the most crucial. With just a tiny bit of effort, you can get exactly what you want and save money. Why go deep in debt just to have a big wedding ceremony? Your new life is only starting, make smart decisions.


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